The smallest gold coin in the world

The Swiss State Mint (Swissmint) has issued the smallest gold coin in the world. Its diameter is 2.96 millimeters, weight 0.063 grams! To make it clearer, the standard match head diameter is 2.0 mm. This is truly a unique achievement in the field of numismatic technology! The circulation of the coin was only 999 pieces.

On the reverse is minted the nominal value of the coin, which fully reflects the essence of the microscopic coin – 1 / 4 francs. The material of the gold coin is 999.9 and its weight is 1/500 ounces. There is also the inscription “Helvetia” on the top of the coin. The fact is that the international abbreviation of Switzerland – CH – Condederatia Helvetia – Confederation Helvetia, the official international name of Switzerland. The Helvetians are an ancient Celtic tribe that inhabited the territory of modern Switzerland half a thousand years before Christ. And from 1798 to 1803 there was a Helvetic Republic. The creation of this state was the first attempt to establish central authority and unite the disparate cantons.

The obverse depicts the famous portrait of Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out. Swissmint used this image as a tribute to a great scholar who lived in Switzerland from 1895 to 1914 and graduated from the University of Zurich in 1900. So why did Einstein show the language? On his 72nd birthday, March 14, 1951, the scientist was at Princeton University. He was about to leave and get in the car, where in addition to him there was a family couple, the Aidelot. Suddenly, a photographer showed up and asked Einstein to make a thoughtful face that matched his respectable status. Mr. Einstein was already tired, so instead of a serious expression he rolled out his face and stuck out his tongue.

This coin has such a miniature size that it is simply impossible to notice all these details with the naked eye. Therefore, the creators of Swissmint have provided for a small magnifying glass in the package so that you can see such a beauty. And we all, who were not lucky enough to have such a masterpiece in their property, can see all the details in the video from Swissmint.